Domestic Delivery


Domestic Delivery Services

Apsitex can ship your parcelles domestic in UAE or international to 120 countries.

Choose domestic delivery and request now, same day or next day delivery within UAE.

Get Perk & Redeem

Use Apsitex for all variety of your needs such as retailers-shopping, online-shopping or door-to-door deliveries with your verified user.

Earn points for every delivery milestone you take and redeem them for amazing rewards or use them to donate to a charity of your choice.

Cash On Delivery

Apsitex will attempt to collect the amount shown on the C.O.D. tag or package label, and then send the payment to you. If Apsitex cannot collect the payment after three attempts, the package will be returned.

Note: Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) is only available in UAE(United Arab Emirates).

Your Phone Is Your Address

  • Use your GPS from Mobile or Web application to tell us where you are and where you want your package to go.
  • Apsitex is completely integrated with Google Maps to provide the most accurate location and estimated delivery times.
  • In the Address section, you only need to add the additional details to find apartment or office number. You can save and use your Bookmarked location later.